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Social Action and Outreach


Upcoming Events:

1st New England Muslim Festival
When: Sunday Sept 25th: 12:00 - 6:00 PM
Where: Malden City Hall Plaza,
across the Street from the Malden MBTA, free parking is available and it's close to city hall

The festival will highlight the cultural aspects of the local Muslim communities in an entertaining and joyful atmosphere. Enjoy the Halal food bar and performances. Info: nemuslimfestival.org.  Claire McNeill can provide rides.      
Being White in a Racist World
An 8-Week Workshop
Ken Wagner, of Allies for Racial Equity, will lead a program which focuses on helping white people understand the racial component of their identity, and how to live with authenticity and integrity as a white person in a society grounded in white supremacy.

? Examine the structural foundation of racism apart from the bigotry of individuals
? Discuss the role of white people in racial justice movements
? Learn what it means to exhibit ally behavior

Saturday Mornings 10 am — 12 pm
October 1, 8, 15, November 5, 12, 19, December 3, 10
Winchester Unitarian Society 478 Main St. Winchester, MA
Registration and Information at shepard.patty@gmail.com
UUSC webinar: Defying Hate: Addressing hateful speech and polarization in our communities and schools 
When: Tuesday October 4, 4:00 p.m.  Info: uusc.org Click HERE to register
In our current political climate, it is crucial that we are prepared to respond both inter-personally and institutionally against hateful speech – yet it’s hard to figure out what forms of engagement actually create deeper connection and change instead of increased conflict and polarization. We will explore effective ways of responding to public expression of bigotry and hate. (If you are unable to join that day, a recorded version of the webinar will be available on their website.)     
Would you like to Build Connections with First Nations People?  Volunteers needed. 
UU Mass Action has been asked to help the North American Indian Center of Boston. This organization has a very old building that desperately needs some repairs. A work group will paint a room or two and do minor repairs on 2-3 Saturdays
. Let Laura Wagner know if you can work, or donate money or painting supplies: Lwagner@uumassaction.org

It’s time to order Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate again. A limited amount will be for sale during coffee hour. By purchasing from Equal Exchange at cost we support the cooperatives of small farmers in Central and South America and Africa. Try one of the delicious chocolate bars for $2.50. Organic coffee: regular is $6.50, and decaf is $7.50. See Claire McNeill after the service at the Social Action and Outreach table.

The Social Action and Outreach Committee coordinates our congregation’s efforts for social justice and community involvement.  The committee informs the congregation on justice issues and community needs, and facilitates congregational participation in service and advocacy work. Our projects include:

  • lobbying legislators in conjunction with UU Mass Action to end mass incarceration
  • cooking once a month at the Women's Lunch Place in Boston
  • organizing Thanksgiving food boxes, and on-going food donations, to the Woburn Council
  • arranging for a meeting regarding Wright-Locke Farm’s project to buy land from the town
  • coordinating a large coat and blanket drive for Iraqi refugees in Lowell
  • collecting Christmas gifts and clothes for children in Lynn
  • ordering fair trade coffee and chocolate
  • and coordinating attendance at the Mothers’ Day March for Peace in Dorchester


An almost complete list of Volunteer Opportunities, arranged by season, is available here.  If you know of a worthy organization looking for a few good volunteers, let us know!  


Annually, we review the grant applications made by our members and staff to allocate 5% of the congregation’s budget to justice and charitable groups, whose programs align with our Mission and Vision. The Committee invites members to recommend non-profit organizations for these Grants, via completion of the new Application Form.  The deadline is April 1. The Committee will make its grant decisions based on the grant recommendations, additional information obtained, and its own judgment.


Share the Plate
The Social Outreach Committee invites members of the congregation, our staff and Minister to recommend charities for its consideration in developing a list of organizations that are approved for the Share the Plate program.  The Minister uses this list as her source to select a recipient for any given service. 


You can reduce harmful child labor in Africa. Most mainstream chocolate comes from cacao plantations in West Africa, where forced child labor has been documented. Equal Exchange chocolates, are sourced fairly from small-scale farmer co-ops. Check out:  http://equalexchange.coop/


Would you like to receive emails about the issues you care strongly about? You may sign up at our table for group emails from the Social Action Committee to learn more about nearby events on your concerns.  There are groups for the issues of:

  • Racial Justice,
  • Ending Mass Incarceration,
  • Economic Justice,
  • Immigrant Rights,
  • Environment and Climate Change,
  • Amend (re. Citizen's United decision issues)
  • Animal Rights
  • First Nations


Would you like to become active in other Social Justice issues in our state?  We support UU Mass Action, whose weekly newsletter educates us on these timely issues and what we can do, ex.: Immigrant rights and the problems in the US system for granting asylum statusclimate action work in MA; protecting solar energy-defeating harmful legislation;  Justice in the Middle East.  See http://www.uumassaction.org  for excellent information every week.