Winchester Unitarian Society

Pledge Drive 2017

Everyone's Pledge is important.           
In this chart, you can see how each
pledge contributes to the whole: 

Please click here to pledge online, or download a pledge card, which you can complete and return to the church office.

If you need more information, please contact the Pledge Team:
Cynthia Randall
Judy Murray

Thank you!


To support the operating budget next year, we have set a goal of $380,000 in pledge revenue.

What should I pledge?  What is my Fair Share?

If you're not sure what amount to pledge, please review the UUA Fair Share Giving Guide, and pledge as generously as you can.



Pledge Drive 2017 Frequently Asked Questions


In this pie chart of income for the current WUS fiscal year, $355,000 in pledge make up the bulk of the section labeled "Income from Individuals".



Note that staff salaries make up the largest portion of church expenses and because we strive to be a Fair Compensation Congregation, our staff salaries will likely increase by the cost of living index for the Boston area along with adjustments to ensure alignment with UUA compensation guidelines:


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