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Here are some ways we welcome and include everyone, from people who are new to the church to our long-time members.

Ushers and Greeters

Look for a friendly face as you enter the building.  One of our Greeters will welcome you to church, and help you find everything you need.  The Ushers will give you an Order of Service and help you find a seat.  If you need a large-print Order of Service, or a listening assistance device, you may speak to an Usher.

Pastoral Care Associates

A Pastoral Care Associate, or 'PCA', is always available in the Sanctuary after the service, if you need somebody to talk to.

Social Hour

Join us after the service in the Symmes Room for coffee and refreshments.  If you are new, please take a red mug, which will encourage people to introduce themselves to you.

Sunday Secretary

The Office is open for business on Sunday mornings, thanks to our volunteer Sunday Secretaries.  They can help answer any questions you might have about the building, the service, or the Offering.


Sign Up to Volunteer on Sundays

If you would like to be part of that fantastic team of people that makes our church so welcoming on Sundays, you can sign up for one of our Sunday Morning Volunteer Spots.  You can be an Usher, bring delicious finger foods, or provide the flowers which decorate the Chancel.  If you would like to participate a little more, you can sign up to be a Worship Associate or Sunday Secretary.  For more details, please see the Sign Up Instructions.

Sign Up Instructions

Volunteer Sign Up Form


Community Events

These events are some of the ways we build community.

UU 101
Four times a year, we offer an hour-long introduction to our congregation and our larger faith. This interactive workshop includes a light lunch, a brief video, questions, and conversation with our ministers. On-site childcare is available. 

For more information, contact the church office.

Circle Dinners    
These are a series of small-group pot-luck dinners that meet starting in January.  This activity is for members and non-members, singles, couples, and families.  Newcomers are especially encouraged to participate.  No matter how long you have been attending WUS, this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another better.  We have a congregation of interesting people and these dinners can often be the highlight of the year.

Each group includes from 7 to 9 participants and meets four times, about once/month.   One person each time is the host; everyone shares in providing main course, salad, vegetable, dessert, etc.  You do not need to be able to host a group to participate. 

We will offer a family dinner option if there is enough interest.  

Circle Dinner sign-ups will begin in the winter. Contact the church office for more information.


Becoming a Member 

Newcomers are invited to consider joining Winchester Unitarian Society – becoming members.

At a recent gathering, a newcomer to our congregation asked: “If I become a member, what’s in it for me?” That’s a good question, as our congregation welcomes all to participation in our community whether they’re a member or not. We’re not a fee-for-service organization, and membership is not required to walk in our doors, like it is at a health club. We are, instead, about something totally different. Something non-commercial and even counter-cultural: a spiritually-based multi-generational community, walking a path of integrity, service, and joy.

Becoming a member is committing to walk with this community. To say “I belong here” and “I know that I and my family will be better for it.” Becoming a member is committing to deepening spirituality, service, and living your values.

Fundamental to our Unitarian Universalist tradition is a deep respect for the individual conscience. Therefore, if and when you become a member is a decision you must make for yourself. If you’re thinking about it, talk with one of our co-ministers, or sign up for our Roots and Shoots workshops, in the spring. When you’re ready, you’ll be invited to sign our membership book and to make a financial pledge to the congregation, if you are not already doing so. We invite new members to join at any time of year; we recognize all new members from the calendar year at our New Member Sunday in May.

Finally, membership has its privileges. In addition to the more intangible rewards of deeper participation, members can serve on our congregation’s central governing committees, can vote in congregational meetings, and can receive the services of a minister at no charge for memorial services and weddings. And the next time the congregation is looking for a minister, it’s members who get to choose him or her!