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The Employee Relations Committee
We are pleased to announce that Woody Wood has joined the Employee Relations Committee and we now have a full contingent.
As you may remember, the Employee Relations Committee was formed as a by-law committee in 2014 with the following charge:
Section 1. Duties
The Employee Relations Committee shall work collaboratively with the Standing Committee, staff-related By-Law Committees (Music Committee, Religious Education Committee, Youth Advisory Committee, Growth and Learning Committee), staff-related annual committees, staff members, and minister, as needed, to address concerns of the Society's employees and, correspondingly, recommend resolutions in accordance with the Society's Personnel Policy Manual. Specific duties of this committee shall include:

1.  Annually review the Society's Personnel Manual and make policy recommendations to the Standing Committee to ensure best practices in employee relations.

2.  At the request of the employee, including an employee who is a supervisor, conduct a review and make recommendations to resolve grievances in accordance with the Society's Personnel Policy Manual. All communications and proceedings will be conducted in a confidential manner.

3.  At least annually, contact each staff member and minister to invite them to share their suggestions for constructive improvement in employee relations.

We have been working hard to clarify our roles in relationship to the WUS community and to develop approaches to carry out our responsibilities.  We are currently reaching out to all employees on behalf of the ERC for an annual check-in.  We even have a picture of our current committee members to share with you!  Please feel free to be in touch with any of us with questions that you may have about our mission or suggestions about best practices in employee relations.
Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz,
Patty Shepard,
and George "Woody" Wood,
Current Members of the Employee Relations Committee